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The Evolution of a Property Professional since 1990″

The Sally Lawson Interview :  The Evolution of a Property Professional since 1990″ In this information packed blog post  we interview , Sally Lawson. CEO of the highly successful “Concentric Lettings Franchise Group”.About the changing face of the property  industry . Here are a...
How to build a Successful Estate Agency Culture

How To build A Successful Estate Agency Culture

You may not be familiar with the story of Barbara Corcoran, the First Lady of New York real estate. At high school and college she was a straight D student. By the time she was 23 she’d had 20 different jobs, but her next job led her to become one of the major players in the real...
Postcode manifesto housing stock blog post

There Is No Housing stock shortage there’s xxx

If you are suffering from a lack of stock, you have a problem. But it’s not a stock  problem, it’s a sales & marketing  problem. I don’t really like the word problem, so let’s change it to challenge.,that sounds better already. You have a housing stock challenge,now we...
Estate agents reviews

Reviews Can Help You win More clients

For Sure Positive reviews can  help you win more Instructions. The estate agency industry is very competitive it is important to be creative while being competitive. Social media is providing numerous ways for people to connect with estate agents to help them to find their ideal...
Hidden Profits

Hidden Profits Inside Your Estate Agent Business

Welcome my avid readers …. In today’s post I want to talk about the big untapped stream of  hidden profits inside  your  estate  agent business right  now, and why you should pay close attention to that untapped  profit stream. Before were look at the hidden stream of...
squalid messy property - Post Code Manifesto Would you have listed this squalid messy property? Mr & Mrs Estate Agents detected a little bit of estate agent snobbery but the publicity was Great IMHO

squalid messy property

  Would you have listed this squalid messy property? Now here’s the thing; when this story surfaced back in February 2014 of this year, I detected a little bit of estate agent snobbery when reading certain tweets, forum comments, etc. I imagine that was because certain...
Estate Agents Is Your Marketing washing its face

Is your marketing washing it’s face ?

Can you imagine a landlord buying a property for investment purposes and not checking if it’s going to wash its face; in other words cover its monthly costs? That would be risky wouldn’t it? A shrewd landlord is going to look at a number of factors from rental yields, growth...
Straight Line System Postcode Manifesto

How Good is Your Straight Line System ?

Do you like watching movies? Well, I love movies based on true stories, The list below features four Oscar nominated block busters that ticked my boxes, 1  12 Years a Slave 2  Dallas Buyers Club 3  American Hustle 4  The Wolf of Wall Street Now the Wolf of Wall Street was...
Postcode Manifesto book

New Report Reveals How Estate Agents Can Win More New Instructions .

An Open Letter to Estate/Letting Agents Free Report Reveals…… “How To Use The Power Of Disruptive Marketing To Attract More Vendors And Landlords So Your Sales Order Book Is Full To Bursting”   From The desk Of Robert Dene Smith The Woods Birmingham June 2014 Dear...